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What the receptionist at your uni accommodation judge you about

Student receptionists, you probably chuck them a smile as you walk through and then move on with your life. You might have even ignored them entirely (rude), as their presence is so consistent, they’re basically part of the furniture. Well, they notice you. I spoke to two student receptionists, and this is what you do that they judge you about. 

In no particular order they said: 

  1. “Asking if your parcel has come a million times, just wait for the email you cretin.
  2. Being super drunk in the common room, why here???
  3. Actually reading the notice boards. This gives extreme virgin energy, and the more people that look at them the more often I have to change the displays so can you stop please.
  4. Having a real washing basket. Steady on Princess Diana carry your washing down in a Tesco bag for life like everybody else 
  5. Taking all the freebies, how many cans of 49 p energy drink does one person need. Don’t claim its for you whole flat I know it isn’t. 
  6. Not separating your recycling. Its 2022 and the world is dying, sort it out 
  7. Not using the online portal, don’t tell me about your broken toaster I don’t care, just log it and move on. 
  8. Asking to use the communal screens. Technically yes you can but that means I have to set up a million wires and listen to mean girls for the next two hours so please don’t. 

Finally, walking out loads of different people in a morning. “I try not to judge this one, but I have noticed your 5th one night stand this week.”

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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