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We Went To Golf Fang In Sheffield- And We Weren’t Dissapointed!

We Went To Golf Fang In Sheffield- And We Weren’t Dissapointed!

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As a product of divorced parents, I like to see myself as a bit of a ‘Saturday activity’ connoisseur. Activities that are inclusive for ages and mental states. “What will stop you from watching tv in bed all day with the main light on and the curtains closed?” Bowling. ‘How can I tempt an 11, a 15 and a 22 year old with enough excitement to leave the house for the afternoon and spend quality time with each other?” Crazy golf.  
There are around 52 Saturdays in year, that’s a lot of time to fork out the best and worst of Crazy Golf venues, and when you’ve done a few- you tend to get the idea that the last one will be very much like the next one. That’s until we paid a visit to Golf Fang.  
Recently brought to Sheffield after it’s succession in Glasgow, comes the 18+ crazy golf site, Golf Fang. Kitted out with good hip-hop, the crazy golf course and a seated bar for vibrant cocktails and food. 
Located opposite The Shefield United ground in a seemingly small building, you can find the vast, 18-hole course of original and very well thought out set designs in brilliant neon graffiti murals. Filled with classic and recognizable features from pop culture, in a giant, two-story complex. With a different theme for every hole- the attention to detail is like none other, with popular golf venues usually forgetting the value of the actual game by getting lost in its vision.  
As a student deal, you can get one game, a free drink and 20% off burgers on weekdays for only £14. Which is completely reasonable amongst prices of other golf venues that try charging half a course and a cocktail for around £20. And with the holes actually having some complexity to them- you can stick around for over 2 hours with plenty to explore and view while waiting your turn.  
Expect inspiration from all your Favorite media personalities in one giant open space, including a full Jeremy Kyle studio, A Tunnel of love and a rave room, all in the same four walls! with plenty of picture opportunities on the way round for documentation purposes- of course.  
This new adult activity ground is not to be missed, and definitely worth checking out for something a bit different on a weekday evening

Lauren O'Meara Sims
Lauren O'Meara Sims
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