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Things to do in September:

September officially marks the beginning of Autumn, my favourite time of the year. Whilst I’m admittedly a little late to this trend, whoops, I’m such a stan that I needed to share this list. So sit back, get comfy and grab a cosy cup of tea while I fill you in on all the September must dos…

  1. Get to the charity shops- This is the best time to find a good bargain. As the weather is starting to change everyone donates their summer clothes, yet its actually that weird time where layering is a must. Go rummage through and find yourself some cheap summer tops to throw under your cardigan. On the flip side, people have gone through their jumpers in anticipation (or excitement if you’re like me) so there are bound to be some gems. One shop and you’ve got all bases covered.
  2. Get baking- September belongs to Bake Off and I won’t accept any other opinion. Why not join in on the hype? Your house will smell great and you’ll have comfort food, win win. Bonus points if it involves cinnamon
  3. Pick your own – Picking your own fruit and veg is a great activity and its pretty cheap as long as you don’t go mental. There’s loads of places that offer it in Sheffield alone. Eastfield farm has sweetcorn or wildflowers, Heeley city farm does pick your own alongside having cute animals and Ecclesfield Orchard specialises in apples, perfect for your autumnal baking. Also, most places have a tearoom so even if you’re shit at it, they’ll be a scone involved.
  4. Have a Chai Latte- Move over sickly sweet Pumpkin spice this is where its at. Warming, cheaper and caffeine free (for those of us that can’t hack it.)
  5. Read- Its time to hibernate and there’s only so much TV you should watch. For the autumnal comforting vibes, I recommend the ‘Circe’ or ‘The Midnight Library. Both are vaguely magical, Circe is literally the first witch, it’ll get you prepared for the spooky season.
  6. Go to a Food Festival. –  They’re really fun and for some reason, there are always loads of them In September.  All the classics, Peddler etc, are running alongside more unique ones such as ‘Holmfirth Food Festival’. Its definitely worth a google to see what’s near you. 
  7. Eat outside- On the food theme, it may be your last chance this year to eat Al Fresco. Go for a picnic, have a BBQ, roast marshmallows on a bin fire, I’m not bothered just do it in the last of the sun.
  8. Pop the wax melter on. – September is comfort season and nothing screams relaxation like a maple candle, but they can be pretty expensive. Buy a mix of wax melts and you can change up the scents without spending a small fortune. Perfect pairing with the book.
  9. Think of some Autumn outfits – Its getting cold, you think its jumper time, wrong. Go for layers instead because it’ll probably be burning hot by 3 pm, blazers and cute jackets are a great option. You deserve to look fit all year long, not just in summer.
  10. Think of your Halloween costume. Now is the time people! If you leave it any later and you’re a shop-bought costume person (no judgements) all the good ones will be gone. Or if you’re a DIY gal you need time to grab all the elements and truly commit to the role.

Use the list and celebrate September as it should be, xx

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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