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Things I wish I knew before going to Uni

This is one Tik Tok trend I can get behind. I wish I had an army of people to prep me because I was overwhelmed. However, I think a lot of important info has been missed, and far too much emphasis is placed on the potato masher debate, so I’m here to fill you in. FYI I’ve been to two unis, done a placement and am just going into my fourth year so I’m qualified. I promise.

The second month is a lonely one. This sounds strange because you’d expect to feel homesick as soon as you move away, right? Wrong. The first month is so jampacked with freshers’ events and meeting so many new people (in halls, lectures, Tesco) that you don’t really have time to feel it. Whereas a few months in, when all the madness has calmed down, but you still don’t really know anybody that well, its fairly obvious that you’re going to feel the come down. I’m not saying this to put you off going, its just that everybody I spoke to after all agreed that they got a bit gloomy so its wise to prepare yourself. Also, know that it’ll pass as soon as you settle into a routine. Maybe even stock up on activities or join a society early on to give you something to occupy your time and mind.

Don’t latch onto the first person you meet This is so easy to do, you meet your flatmate and think you’ve got a ready-made best friend but that gives you super limited options in the long run. Make sure you branch out a bit, speak to people on your course, in your flat and go to a few socials. You’ll thank yourself at Christmas when you have someone to bitch to that your flat steals all your oat milk.

You don’t need to reinvent yourself. Unless you actually want to dye your hair pink, or your clothes actually need a shakeup don’t force yourself. Its tempting to change a bit to fit in with the uni image but all you’ll end up doing is attracting people you don’t actually get on with and making yourself uncomfortable. Wear what you want hun.

Take as much shit as you want to. I keep seeing people say that you don’t need all your clothes and it’s a waste, blah blah, but I reckon take it all. Obviously, you don’t have endless storage, but uni rooms are generally quite big with a lot of cupboards, and I think taking all your stuff makes you feel way more at home. Also, its nice to have a lot of options because you’ll probably end up doing a lot of same-same stuff so you need multiple pub outfits that you feel good in. If not, you’ll just end up on Pretty Little Thing next day anyway so save your coin and the hassle.

COMAND STRIPS. They are God and I will give no further explanation at this time.

Take some prints. Uni rooms are pretty boring colours and there’s only so much fairy lights can do to change that. Honestly, I took loads of prints and it made my room feel way more catered to me because I had obviously chosen pictures and songs etc that I like. Hopefully, this will stop you from caving and buying a tarot card tapestry because if I have to see one more, I might blind myself.

Get a job. I don’t mean immediately but having some routine will help you settle in and it’s a good way to meet close friends. Also, your overdraft isn’t on elastic and vodka lemonades aren’t as cheap as they once were.

Learn how to cook a little bit, even if its just knowing how to make a pasta sauce. You’ll feel super accomplished, it’s a fun bonding activity and its healthier.

Big Tesco is an activity.

Cities are fun. There are 378 things you haven’t even thought about doing and everything’s right on your doorstep. Go out and explore but also try follow city-specific insta pages and magazines that will tell you when events are on.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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