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A visit to Glass Onion: Shopping sustainably as a student

Recently in the clothing world emphasis has been taken away from fast fashion and has been driving full force towards shopping sustainably, with huge growing interest in thrifting and buying second hand. Both online, with sites like depop and vinted, and in person. Completely understandable because as well as (usually) being cheaper it is also better for the planet.  We had the pleasure of talking to lovely Phoebe from Glass Onion, a thriving vintage shop in Sheffield, to break down the myths about shopping sustainably and to get her top tips.

When asked, ‘’What do you think about the idea that shopping sustainably has to be expensive?’’ Phoebe responded that she ‘’doesn’t agree it should be at all.’’ Although admitting that the prices of second-hand clothes are sometimes higher, because of the costs to get them in a sustainable and fair manner. She emphasised that both herself and glass onion as a brand hold the value that sustainability should be accessible to everyone, otherwise it will never be successful and that inflating the prices of thrifted pieces is wrong. 

Leading on from this we asked ‘’ why should we, students especially try and shop second hand?’’

‘’As cringy as it sounds students are the future so if it becomes ingrained in us now the new normal will be shopping second hand.’’ Which is so important because ‘’the fashion economy will become a cycle’’ aiding future us and the planet. 

‘’And what do you think Sheffield’s attitude to second-hand shopping is like?’’

‘’I think it’s really good, probably one if the biggest cities in the country for the vintage scene and the sustainable scene. We’ve got [6 shops] I can think off the top of my head and not a lot of cities have that many, so I think it shows a lot of custom. Also, it’s a massive student city and its students that are driving it which is amazing. Sheffield’s attitude is great towards being sustainable’’

Finally, ‘’what’s your top tips to second-hand shopping?’’ 

‘If you have a set style, you’ll always be able to find it second hand, no matter what.’’ But that style doesn’t have to be generic and boring because they ‘’cater to so many different customers and so many different styles in this small store so its [thrifting] definitely for everyone.’’ Another must is ‘‘trying things on because it can fit different to what you expect’’. Most importantly she recommends ‘’supporting all the brands that are sustainable and are making moves to being greener.’’

Clearly, there’s never been a better time to try shopping second hand so pop down to Glass Onion and give it a go!

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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