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Students’ worst dates

Whether you’ve plucked them out from the depths of tinder, met them through uni or ended up in a weird flatcest situation dating can be awkward. To make you feel better about your sad little dating life I’ve asked people for their worst date experiences. 

  1. “Met someone on Facebook went on a date with them and they tried to push me infront of a car.” She then clarified it was her first ever date, ouch. 
  1. “The entire date I was trying to decide if he was a huge Tory, I invited him back to mine were he told me all about his opinions on Jeremy Clarkson, which confirmed he was. He wouldn’t get the hint that I wanted him to leave so I pretended my period was really bad, still didn’t get the hint so I faked being sick in the adjoining toilet. Noise and everything.” 
  1. “I offered a boy a cup of tea, and he thought I was talking about sex because he had seen the consent video. The look on his face when I whipped out a biscotti was great.”
  1. “We worked together, and he invited me to his, except he was living with our manager at the time. He didn’t know I was going to be there when he got home, and I’ve never felt more awkward”
  1. “He said he was going to make me a veggie curry, so I jokingly asked him if I’m not worth some chicken and then he told me I’m not worth anything and he was no longer cooking”
  1. “I wanted to meet a boy of tinder but was scared to go alone so I took my friend to a pub, and he went with his. Everything was fine until they started to do coke and decided that they hated each other and started screaming. I had to drag her out super quickly before they all got kicked out. Still met him for a Nando’s the next day though”
  1. “He took me to the bar that his ex-girlfriend worked at”
  1. “I got really drunk and vomited on his shoes”

Now go adventure into the dating world because nothing you do could be this bad.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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