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Whether you’re a fresher who needs a helping hand in budgeting or a 5th year veteran who basically has a master’s in poverty, I’ve made an easy guide to help you save some change. 


There’s some really good apps and websites that revolve around saving the planet through selling wasted and surplus food. Which is great anyway, but it means you can get food super cheap. Everyone knows about Too Good To Go, which is good for picking up a little treat but is admittedly kind of a gamble. A similar, but more reliable, concept is Odd Box which will deliver you fruit and veg that has been rejected from supermarkets, for being a little wonky. Its pretty decently priced in general but to make it even better it constantly has 50% off codes.  Last time I got 7 types of veg and 4 types of fruit for £10 which is way cheaper than going than going to the supermarkets. Especially Tesco who charge £2 for blueberries, sorry no. Also, it has the added bonus that you can choose how often you get it delivered and has various box sizes.   


Sack off the train and get on the tram, they have way cheaper fairs are super reliable. If you’re under 21 you can get a zoom pass which means you can get on any tram or bus for 80p. If you’re over 21 but a frequent traveller looks into buying a monthly pass. Its cheaper to buy your tickets in a bundle and has further savings if if you buy it online.  


If you’re into shopping download the Meadowhall app it gives you a list of all the seasonal discounts on at the time, as well as the standard ones (30% of at las iguanas etc.) Which is way easier than having to hunt for them on uni days.  If shopping online is more your thing have a look at vinted, it’s the same idea as Depop but isn’t pretentious so the prices are way more reasonable. I got a new denim jumpsuit for £8, including delivery, and some shoes for £4, quality bargains. Moving on, if you spend too much on studying at coffee shops, Cutlery Works have introduced their workspace. For £5 you get unlimited tea or coffee, their Wi-Fi password and guaranteed access to a PowerPoint and can literally sit there all day, without the shame and guilt you normally have for taking a seat. Lastly, actually have a look at the events the student union are holding because, although you might feel a little pathetic at first, they do hold fun free events. Such as, cinema trips and cookie decorating which can make for good `pass times.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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