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RIP Leadmill

Its an iconic venue. Over its 40-year opening its hosted comedians, such as James Acaster and Eddie Izzard, bands/DJS including Oasis and The Arctic Monkeys and the most vibey club nights. Yet its facing extinction.

 Recently, it announced the ‘’devastating news that in one year’s time, {their} landlord is trying to evict us, forcing us to close’’ leading to cries of outrage amongst Sheffield residents and the creation of a petition fighting its landlord. Whilst it is a little unclear about the current owners plans, as they have published a statement denying their intentions to close (liars) that lead to a very public argument between them and the current managers. With the current managers stating they are being ‘’exterminated by the landlord,’’ and will leave it nothing more than ‘’a derelict old flour mill’’ if forced to leave.  It has now been revealed that the owners have registered for the name Electric Sheffield, resulting in artists and companies using their platforms to throw their weight behind the fight against its closure.

Initially, we saw Joe Lycett promote the petition. Now joining him are Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes and the comedian Eddie Izzard. Most impressively, Richard Hawley has announced two shows in support of the venue after he paid tribute to it claiming ‘’ its like our Cavern, its our Hacienda.’’ The Arctic Monkeys have also posted a photo in its defence, continuing their support for the venue after they previously raffled off one of Alex Turner’s guitars raising £100,000 to save it from covid closures. Also, randomly First South Yorkshire have announced a ‘drive a bus’ competition in support of the lead mill. This involves allowing people to drive a bus around an obstacle course, some even blindfolded, because safety first.

Today, even after the petition has reached 26,000 signatures a response has been published from the Department of Levelling up, overseen by Mr Grove, has announced it will not intervene. However, any petition that hits 100,000 signatures has to be considered by Parliament. So go and sign it and send it to your friends because we can’t lose a venue that is both the birthplace of The Arctic Monkeys and is willing to play the 10 minute version of All too well on a Taylor Swift club night.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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