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Products Tiktok made me buy

Tiktok has influenced me to buy a lot of stuff over the last few months. Stuff my bank account is crying over. I thought since these products are becoming increasingly more popular, I’d rate whether or not they’re worth the Tiktok hype.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – 8/10

I’ve been eyeing this product up for some time after seeing it raved about on Tiktok, Instagram and Pinterest. I have never been the one to invest in lip balm and always stuck to the good old trust worthy Vaseline. But since working as a Barista, the air-con in my store dries my lips out horribly and Vaseline wasnt cutting it anymore. SO, I made the splurge.

The mask makes your lips SO glossy and soft. It’s exactly what I was expecting from it. Although it is treatment designed to be used at night, I love using it as an every-day lip balm and can do because a little goes along way in this case ;). Not to mention I feel like a material gurl.

The reason it’s not a 10/10 is because it’s a liiiiiiiiil expensive for what it is. £19 is not something I could part with on a monthly / two monthly basis.

But Tia, you did buy it.

I didn’t. I bought mine in a set from LookFantastic for £20. In this set was 8g pot of the Lip Sleeping Mask, whereas the original pot is £19 for 20g, and a 25ml pot of the Water Sleeping Mask.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wands – 7/10

£75 for the blush, highlight and cream contour was not bad. Considering each product alone is nearly 30 great British pounds. I could not WAIT to use them in my makeup routine and truly feel luxurious. 95% of my makeup collection is from the drugstore so to finally have something from Charlotte Tilbury was a dream. The packing is beautiful, but the applicator is messy. I found that a lot of product is wasted just by it being soaked into the sponge, all around the sides of the lid and on the base of the applicator sponge. They are products I have to constantly wipe.

Now, the contour wand is not for me. The colour isn’t flattering on my skintone and I find it to apply quite patchy. It also dries up on the skin quickly. However, the blush and highlight are STUNNING. The blush is a beautiful shade of pink ideal for brides, but perfect for any occasion. It’s buildable, creamy and glowy. Same can be said for the highlighter. It blends out super easily and reflects light in a way that it looks natural.

Ouai Matte Hair Pomade – 3/10

I want words with whoever keeps hyping this pomade up (looking at you Sophia and Cinzia). I do not for the life of me understand how to make it work. I’ve scrolled endlessly through Tiktok watching tutorials. Videos from the Ouai Tiktok describe using the product ‘like sandpaper’ – or like a towel – to add texture into your ends and roots. After trying this technique, all I found were strands of my hair stuck to my hand. Now I’m not sure if it’s due to my hair texture. I say texture, the ends of my hair are dry and a little bit dead.

Originally I bought this product to slick my hair back, because like many others, we were all wanting to achieve the ‘Cinzia’ or ‘clean girl’ slick back bun. I even bought a bristle brush thats made for these types of hairstyles. BUT IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I’ve tried warming the product up in my hands before putting it on my hair, but all it does is clump up. The bristle brush doesn’t help move the pomade throughout the rest of my scalp area.

I really want to get this product to work as ASOS delivered me three tubs of it, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Bonus is that it is a minimal and very pretty product. Not that that should be the only reason you buy it.

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’71 Perfume Mist 90ml – 9/10

I so badly wanted to give this a 10/10. But the lasting time of the fragrance is not great. The product also doesn’t last long, probably due to re-applying. BUT I am on my third bottle purely because it smells incredible. My friend once said to me, “Tia why do you smell of millionaire shortbread? You smell gorgeous.” Now I know you’re reading this like…why would you want to smell of that. But for me, I hate floral smells. I’d much prefer to smell of coconut, chocolate, vanilla, caramel etc all things warm and bakery like.

The actual fragrance description does the product more justice than smelling of millionaire shortbread and it reads ‘sweet, tantalising notes of Caramelised Vanilla and contrasting Sea Salt evoke visions of walking across a white-sand beach, warmed by the sultry rays of the sun. Your hair, delicately curled by the ocean, radiates the subtle, salty scent of the waves’

Hey Estrid razor – 5/10

Lucy has written about these razors before (check out ‘I tested EIGHT subscription boxes…are they worth the $$$ for more info) and rated them a 10/10. While I absolutely agree with the feminist idea that shaving is a choice, my rating is on the product itself. I have used my pink razor for months now and I was just expecting more. As I shave my legs quite often now with summer coming up, I want a close shave. But after switching up my preparing-to-shave routine I’ve found it’s simply just the razor. My legs always feel stubbly.

However, Hey Estrid deserve all the 10/10’s in the world for being environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, convenient AND affordable. It makes shaving a much better experience knowing you’re bettering the planet and don’t have to think about re-purchasing blades every month or so, because fresh blade heads are on their way to your door as frequently as you like.

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