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Ode to Kelham Island P2. Night edition…

I love Kelham Island. There’s so much to see, eat and drink. In fact so much that I’ve had to split my recommendations into a day and night post so go and read part 1 first, (shameless plug) but it really does come alive at night. I have heard it described as ‘pure holiday vibes.’  Probably because it’s near a bit of water and they really like a fairy light but regardless it’s a great time. To make sure you get the best possible experience I’ve listed all the must-go places.

Starting with the OG Fat Cat:

This is a really weird place because the inside has a strong resemblance to a grim working men’s club from the 70s, I went with my dad once and he said it hadn’t changed since he was 18. But the beer garden is popping. It has loads of cool signs to look at, an abundance of seating and even heat lamps for practicality. The drinks are expensive but strong, and the vibes are so immaculate that I can ignore that its pricy. Its perfect for a few drinks before you go elsewhere or on a quieter night out. They also serve a fairly priced Sunday dinner.

Kelham Kitchen and wine bar:

This may be my favourite. I went with my friend for the first time recently and we loved it so much we went back the next day. They have an amazing range of tapas, including some of the best brie dippers I’ve ever had, alongside pizza and flatbreads. I was also presently surprised at the price of their wine as they have a huge range. I paired that with the tapas deal and it meant I didn’t gulp and fear for my student loan when I saw the bill. Also, the actual place is adorable, they’re a real advocate for a fairy light.  It somehow manages to be really classy but not intimidating or snooty. I think this is best enjoyed in the sun/ warmer night as they have a really nice outside area near the river, a perfect holiday atmosphere. Additionally, it’s an excellent place to take your family if they’re visiting, show them the finer things and all that.

Riverside Kelham:

This is a great place to go for a lively drink. I’ll be honest some, like gin, are really expensive but if you get a cider or a pint it’s a lot more reasonable. They have a pretty big food menu, which looks really good, and a massive outside area. However, the main selling point is it just feels fun to be there. There’s always music, loads of fun things to look at (my favourite is the sex, drugs and sausage rolls sign) and its always rammed. I probably wouldn’t take my family, but this is a good place for a more relaxed date night or a friend meet-up.


This is perfect for a celebration meal, think birthday or anniversary etc. It has a huge and really nicely decorated inside and outside area and a massive menu to match. They predominantly sell Sardinian food, some of which you’ll be familiar with, and some things are a bit more rouge so it’s a fun place to try something new. The food itself is super indulgent and delicious and the service is really good. I tried and failed to think of a problem with Domo. You just need to go and try it for yourself.

Saw Grinders Union:

In general, I can take and leave saw Grinders, to be honest. The drinks are nice but a little pricy and I didn’t think the menu is anything to write home about (take that with a pinch of salt though because I’m a veggie.) However, when they hold an event its mad. Its always has a different theme, big up the carnival ones, and they’re always really busy in a good way. Also, when its an event they always put on offers so you get loads more for your money. They’re just a great time.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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