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Introducing your sisters from up north

We are just three Sheffield Hallam University students who started the magazine as part of a placement course. Both Lauren and Tia take journalism courses whilst I (Lucy) am on an English Literature course. We all share a love for writing and aesthetics, obviously the website is beautiful, so it was a really easy decision to make the mag. More importantly, we love a good gossip alongside giving unsolicited advice and originate from various places in the north, which meant deciding on the concept was even easier.

Although it did take us 6 months to finalise it, whoops. We have zero credentials, other than being a team consisting of a trend loving fashion God (big up Tia) a huge foodie (I dream of finding the world’s best brownie) and a music-loving club rat, who vaguely resembles Dirty era Christina Aguilera (Lauren.) Keep reading for our opinions, that no one asked for…

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
What part of the North are we in?