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I went to Afflecks for the first time

Firstly, I thought this was the most well-known place in Manchester.  When I decided to visit I wasn’t planning to write a review, which is my excuse for all the shit photos, but after speaking to loads of my friends not one of them had heard of it. Including the girl I went with, who lives in Manchester, wtf. Therefore, I thought id make a little post, more to worship it than review it in all honestly.

Cheeky bit of background:

Afflecks’ has been open since the 80s and has become a landmark for tourists and locals. Which is a miracle because it really hard to find. (It’s located on church street in the Northern Quarter, and looks a little bit like a bar, if you’re a first-time visitor.) The website currently states 46 different vendors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s actually more because it was jam-packed. However, they only house independent traders so it’s all a little bit unique.

My experience:

I wasn’t lying when I said it was a bit hard to find, we nearly walked past it so definitely keep a look out for the sign.  We entered through a cute little ‘alternative’ clothes shop, which stocked loads of vintage/ flower power-inspired clothes alongside some more gothic pieces. I would have been impressed with the selection in that shop alone but as you walk through it gets ridiculous. All the shops are interconnected so you can follow the trail around the whole building, it only breaks up when you get to a set of stairs (it has three floors.) There’s a huge range of shops to see as you make your way around, think clothes, bath bombs, pottery, vinyl etc.  I was most surprised to see the Tattoo parlour, but it kept things interesting. I really wished I hadn’t eaten because we walked past two cafes that looked really good, as well as a Japanese shop that was selling fresh cream Mochi. The Japanese shop was decorated in the stereotypical Japanese cutesy style and because I’m a massive sucker for a gimmick I obviously wanted to go there the most. Also, it housed nail, hair and massage services but I can’t comment on them because I walked straight past this time. I assume these are only used by locals? But if you’re on a day trip to Manchester and desperate to fix your acrylic or get a root touch-up, Affleck’s has you sorted.  

I found that the higher up you went, the more repeat items you saw. Weirdly, they were way more expensive, which I don’t understand because surely, they get fewer customers than the front shops? So, if you see something nice at the beginning buy it then. I made the mistake of not buying a top initially because I thought I might see something else on the way around, but I ended up going back for it anyway like an idiot. If I went again, I’d block out more time because we ended up running through the last floor and I would have liked to have a good gander at it all. Also, I’d like to try one of the food places ( probably the Mochi) but in general, I had a really good trip.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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