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I tried to be ‘That Girl’ for a week:  Here’s the good, the bad and the stupid.

Everybody with a phone has seen the ‘That Girl’ videos circling all of social media, especially after the rise of hot girl summer. Well after a week in Greece that, whilst great, left me feeling a little rough and my jeans a lot tight, I decided to give it a go. Naively, I thought it would make me feel amazing in mind, body and spirit etc, Spoiler it didn’t.

The Good: I’ll be fair to the trend. It does preach some (although minimal) sound advice and I will be implementing some things into my routine permanently. These are:

Going on a walk as soon as you wake up: I’ve been a hoe for my 10,000 steps long before this trend but making sure that I get some movement at the beginning of my day really was a level up. It made me generally more productive, and I had a more positive outlook because I felt like I had already achieved something. All in the time I’d usually still be in my PJs. Also, its really fun to hot girl strut when no one else is around and I actually think strutting about improved my posture. Wild. Another bonus was I was doing more steps than I usually would because I normally just walk to the shop etc. So, I saw the benefit of doing a dedicated walk alongside all my daily routine movements. 10/10 will do again.

Using a stupidly large water bottle: I fully thought these were a waste of time and money, but I now can’t imagine life without it. Before I’d forget to drink until I was so thirsty, I resembled SpongeBob when he gets kidnapped then proceed to down 3 glasses of water. No more. Now I sip constantly throughout the day which makes me drink way more. My skin looks better, I don’t get the 3 glasses bloat and I snack less. We love a hydrated queen.

The bad: Most of it:

Wake up before six: I’ve always been a fairly early riser anyway, but this just feels pointless. Especially in summer when I’ve got no actual obligations. Firstly, I was dragging myself out of bed in the morning just to sneak around and be quiet as not to disturb anyone else. Even after my walk, I couldn’t actually do anything productive because it was too loud. Also, it felt like a waste of the light nights because I was so aware that I had to be up early that I wanted to be tucked up in bed by 9. I was literally wishing the sun would piss off so I could sleep, which is not the summer vibe I was after. Most importantly, I was exhausted, why do people do this to themselves? Literally, the only bonus is you can smugly announce you’ve been up since 5:30. Never again.

The food: I’ll admit I enjoyed making and eating all the fun health foods, I’m especially a sucker for a topped porridge, but it was just way too strict. No refined sugar, really? In all honesty, I gave this up two days in because I was starting to obsess over foods I don’t even eat that much anyway. All because I knew I couldn’t have it. My family had cookies and it felt like a betrayal, which is ridiculous. Not to get deep but I actually think it promotes a really damaging (orthorexic) mindset around food and could be super harmful to some people. Everything in moderation babes. Ps green smoothies for breakfast are stupid and taste disgusting, just learn to chew.

The Stupid: I just think this is people taking it too far realistically

To-do lists/Journaling: I do get how this could be somewhat useful, I even dabble in a To-Do List occasionally, but investing the time to colour code them and make them insta worthy seems completely counterproductive and pointless to me. Additionally, I felt such pressure to complete what was on my list that I’d get really upset if I didn’t manage it. In reverse when I was having what should have been a chill day, I made myself find chores that didn’t need doing, like sorting out the spices, just to feel productive. Overall, I’d say maybe do them occasionally but committing to every day is a bit much.

Really restricting social media/ deleting dating apps: This was just boring. I’m well aware that reducing your screen time is a good thing but there are loads of practical and realistic ways to do this (check our article- shameless plug) rather than just cutting social media off completely. Particularly, because I’m home for the summer it made me feel more isolated from my friends and I wanted to go on it more. As for dating apps, they’re a good time filler. I like swiping away the boredom and keeping my friends updated on whether its Jack, Harry or Calum on top of this week’s pyramid. Also, dates are fun. I enjoy meeting new people and I like to get a free drink. Sue me.

Stopping smoking and vaping: Yes, you should do this but let’s not make it competitive. I didn’t even try because through the combination of lack of sleep and sugar I was already murderous. Add nicotine deprived on top and I’d be down a sibling.

In all seriousness, this trend in general needs to die. It places so much pressure on people that its way more trouble than it helps. Let’s just preach soft healthy habits, such as getting your steps and water in, rather than competing with each other to be the most ‘That Girl.’ If this is Hot Girl Summer, roll on autumn. I’ll take a trench coat and a pumpkin spice candle over this any day.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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