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I tested EIGHT subscription boxes…are they worth the $$$?

Like every other 20-year-old woman I’m a sucker for any type of subscription box, extra 10 points if it involves some type of mystery element. However, to be honest some are complete trash, and you shouldn’t waste your hard-earned student loan on them. I’ve decided to rate all the ones I’ve tried, from razor subscriptions to tea deliveries, so you can swerve the rubbish ones. 


Starting with the most obvious one -Glossy Box: 9.5/10

Up until super recently I was a loyal subscriber of 3 years and honestly, it is really great. I used to love seeing all the different themes/ designs and the box contents were always at least a strong 7/10. It is also super affordable at £12 a month, so even if you only like 2 or three items in the box (which is rare) you’re still getting well over your money’s worth. I only stopped my subscription because I’ve tried so many different products now that I’ve got my routines down and I’m running out of storage. If you look on their Instagram before you join, they are always running discount codes to make it even more affordable. Definitely give it a go if you’re into beauty.  

On the opposite end – Birch Box:2/10

Just avoid this one. They put in one full size product then act as if its a great deal and all the minis are usually cheap rubbish you don’t really want. Think Barry M crackle nail polish. Compared to any other beauty subscription it falls short, by a lot. The only positive I can think for this is the box designs are cute. 

Roccabox- 8/10

Honestly, I didn’t give this as much as a try as I should have. I only ordered one box to get the sugar bear hair gummies then cancelled my subscription because I was such a die hard glossy. However, the box I received was really good, had a cracking rrp and I’ve stalked their Instagram and all the other box reveals seem to be of the same quality. Also, they put the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in as a little extra and I’m still thinking about it. I might re start my subscription and I think you should give it a go as well. 


Graze – 5/10 

I tried these ages ago and have literally just reordered a box. It is fun because of the surprise element and the snacks are nice. However, the boxes do get quite repetitive, and the food is pretty high in calories for something branded as health conscience. I think for the long term your better off just buying the ones they sell in Tesco because you know you like them but its fun for a short time. Use the free trial then cancel. 

Hello Fresh- 4.5/10 

This was actually my sister’s subscription, but we lived together at the time so I’m counting it. I had high hopes for Hello Fresh and they were not met, the food was nice, but it took way more preparation than I expected. This meant I dreaded making them after work and just ended up using the ingredients for other quicker meals, so it was just a super expensive way to food shop. If you have bundles of time give it a go if not leave it. 

Odd Box- 9/10 

I love this subscription. I’m a vegetarian and spend loads of money buying fruit and veg but a medium one of these boxes will last me 2-3 weeks and is only £15. Also it makes me feel good about myself because it is all produce that would have been wasted so its helping the planet. They do loads of varieties of boxes and I think everyone should have one. The only downfall is they sometimes send some really random stuff and I had to google ways to use Jerusalem artichoke. 


Tea Time Book shop- 7.5/10 

I actually only wanted to buy one of these boxes for a present but forgot to cancel the subscription, so I ended up keeping two myself and I really enjoyed one of them. In one box I had a really good selection of nearly new looking books but in the other they were quite tattered and not really relevant to the categories I said I liked to read. (When you join you pick a box type) However the biscuits and tea were a welcome treat in both boxes. Overall seems like it could be a little hit and miss but its probably cheap enough its worth the risk at least once. 

Estrid: 10/10

Pass me the keys to a fiat 500 and call me a basic white girl because I love my Estrid subscription. It is the best razor I’ve ever used, is better for the planet because I’m not throwing away all the little plastic ones and looks super cute in my shower. The subscriptions are really affordable and every time it comes, I actually want to shave which is a miracle, especially because I’m blonde and before Estrid I used that as an excuse to never shave. They also fully commit to the feminist idea that shaving is a choice, and this is reflected in their plans as you can get the delivery as often as you like, which is great.  I chose the peach one btw.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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