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I ranked all the Tik Tok famous books- Hot Book summer is here.

The holiday season is here. You’re sprawled on a sun lounger, waves lapping in the background but what’s missing? Obviously, a good book…

 The real question is what to choose? A juicy romance, thriller, maybe even a si-fi. I’ll be honest when I’m stuck, I turn to Tik Tok recommends and judging from the bestsellers list, so do loads of other people. Yet, some of them are so cringy their actually unreadable. Well, I’ve read loads of them so you can skip the rubbish ones.

Beth O ‘Leary:

This woman is a living God. She’s launched two books that have made the Tik Tok list and honestly their both worth the hype. Actually, they should be bigged up more.

The Road Trip: 10/10

This is the only one I’ve given full marks. The characters are so well-rounded, even the ones there for comic relief are actually believable. The plot is a little daft, but she really sells it anyway. I laughed, I cried and loved the whole thing.  

The No show: 9/10

This one is still great, but I’ve knocked a point off for being a little slow to get going. This is because she has so many main characters all running simultaneously that she has to spoon-feed us a little bit in the beginning. However, I really enjoy how she shows us three really different types of women but doesn’t pit them against each other at all. The only one I hated was him.

Madeline Miller – Circe:7/10

I liked this but I don’t think it lived up to my expectations, I found it a little hard to follow and a little depressing. Not really the girl power book I wanted it to be but still worth a read. Honestly, I’m not going to bother with the rest of the series, so take that as you will.

Sally Rooney- Conversations with Friends:2/10

Why is this so famous? When my sister gave me this book because she didn’t enjoy it, I thought she was being harsh. Yet I found it so dull that I didn’t even finish it. I understand that she writes in short sentences for an effect but it didn’t resonate with me at all. In fact, I found it annoying. All it did was mean that it lacked detail, both in the plot and character development. Just avoid this one.

Clare Chambers – Small Pleasures: 9.5/10

Pre warning, this is not a happy read but I loved it anyway. It’s a really good depiction of adult friendship and genuine anguish. The plot focused on the characters themselves rather than the miracle birth that’s advertised but I think I preferred that anyway. Also, it manages to switch between time periods super comfortably which meant it was easy to follow and a pleasant read. Get it.

Eva Carter – How to save a life:7/10

This started off so well then just petered out. The plot became a little unbelievable, both male leads became randomly addicted to drugs for example and it just lost momentum. Moreover, there is not a single likeable character. It’s alright but not nearly my favourite.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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