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I lived off Too Good To Go in Sheffield

I tried loads of To Good To Go bags in Sheffield and there was a clear winner

The infamous To Good To Go, everybody who had a YouTube phase has heard of it, but is it actually any good? Can you actually get any good ones in Sheffield? Well, I’m about to break it down.

I’m going to preface this with if you want to get one you need to prepare yourself for failure. It was really hard to get any bags at all. They all had stupid collection times (understandable but still impractical), they all sold out so ridiculously quick I’m sure its easier to get Glastonbury tickets, and some even cancelled on me, rude. However, on a brighter note I persisted, and I did manage to get a good selection.

Sir Jacks:

One of the first ones I managed to get was Sir Jacks in Rotherham and I started strong. Sir Jacks is a green king pub, specialising in carvery so I picked up a takeaway vegetarian one. It was beautiful. I got a huge portion; it was all hot and it felt fresh. Even though surely it wasn’t? They even put a huge pot of gravy on the side, which I drenched it in after the photo. Also, the collection was super easy, they had it all ready for me and the staff were really nice. The only issue was the collection was between 9-9:30 which is kind of late for me but that’s to be expected really. Overall, a great time 9.5/10

Before the gravy, don’t judge


Unfortunately, my good luck soon vanished when I went to Costa. It was a really crappy variety, I got two cheese and tomato toasties and two sausage sandwiches. I know beggars can’t be choosers and technically it was worth well over the £3.00 I paid but surely, they could have chucked in a bun instead of one of the sandwiches? Also, I know its different for every store, but they made me feel like a massive burden. 4/10 don’t bother. (Update I went to another since and it was filled with fancy M&S stuff so it was better. – pictured Yet I’m still not over the last one so it has only gone up to a 6/10)

I’ll forgive but I won’t forget

Auntie Anne’s:

This was actually one of the easiest to get a hold of as they have two collection times. I went for the 11am-12pm slot which was a treat compared to all the other late-night ones. I got quite a lot of food for my £3.59, a full-sized seeded pretzel and two lots of pretzel nuggets, one cinnamon sugar and one plain. Obviously, that’s not loads of variety but it’s a pretzel place so its fair enough. Also, I’m a huge pretzel fiend so I had a blast. You can’t judge me for eating them all, they were still warm. 9/10

Chakra Lounge:

I got two of these bags because the first was so good. I got a curry and a biscoff muffin both of which were delicious and was the perfect bag because I got a main and a dessert. The second was a little disappointing as I got a cheesecake and a cronut thing, neither of which I was a huge fan of but that’s just personal preference. The people working there were really nice both times though. 8/10  little hit and miss.  


I ordered a breakfast bag and got loads. It had two cheese and bacon croissants, one mozzarella and tomato croissant and a bacon sandwich. I ate one of the mozzarella ones and gave the others away but it was very good. Additionally, I was late for the collection, and they gave it me anyway, legends. 7.5/10 banging but they lost points for repeat items.


I got two huge burritos, which tasted unreal. However, they were both the same and it was the most expensive bag at £5. 7/10

Forge Bakehouse:

Cancelled my order after I had already set off to get it. Boo. 0/10


Last but certainly not least. I got a ridiculous amount of food including, 4 cookies,2 yum yums, 4 sausage rolls, two doughnuts, a cheese and onion bake, a steak bake and a chicken sandwich. It literally fed me and my flatmates for two days. It was even all up to the Greggs quality we all know and love. Even better it had one of the earliest collection times of 7pm and was ready when I got there. 10/10 no complaints, get yourself one.


Overall, it felt like a little win every time I got one and the mystery was thrilling. You should definitely give it a go, even just out of curiosity

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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