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How to Succeed at Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free week happens every year in the first week of May. It serves as an active reminder to give yourself a breather away from the stresses and self-comparisons of the world of social media. Although it is aimed mainly at younger kids, because it can’t be healthy growing up with all of that let’s be honest (extremely grateful my first flip phone wouldn’t even load MSN), it’s not a bad idea for everyone to give it a go. Myself included because the report time on my phone is so shamefully high, I will take the number to the grave. However, is it realistic to expect people to ignore all devices for a week? No. I would probably have more success asking people to give up heroin. Thus, I’ve created a little list of realistic ways to reduce the number of hours you spend aimlessly scrolling on Tik Tok.

Firstly, choose one screen. This sounds counterproductive but if you think about it you’re never really just on one.  So instead of watching a film on your TV, Instagram on your phone and ASOS sale on your laptop just commit to one. It’ll make you pay way more attention to whatever you’re doing and mean you end up spending less time on it in the long run.

Next, for the entire week make plans to meet with someone or take yourself out every night. Think going out to eat or taking a walk. Whilst I know this is unsustainable, both mentally and financially, it’ll kick start you into wanting to do more in the average week. Rather than saving everything to jam pack into your weekend. Therefore, meaning less time to kill by playing on your phone. Also, this is a great idea because everything is cheaper and quieter anyway as most people have real jobs and responsibilities. When you’re at uni Tuesday can be the new Friday.

Spend more time cooking. Start by trying to make your own pasta sauce instead of buying a jar or try following a recipe for something simple like a curry instead of banging one in the microwave. You’ll probably be eating a little healthier and you never know you might fall in love with it and become the next Jamie Oliver.

Finally, in preparation for the week tidy up your home screen. By this I mean sort all your apps into different categories and switch up their positions.  This means it takes a tiny bit more brainpower to go on your phone and you’ll soon realise how often you click on Instagram (other apps are available) without even realising it.

If you want more tips on how to smash a screen-free week go and look at our last article by Lauren.

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs
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