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Feeling overwhelmed: the guide to slower living

Slower living is easier said than done when we’re trapped in a society where social media is so prevalent. Everyone seems to be rushing, feeling left behind or unworthy. While that is another issue in itself, being in a society where everybody just seems on overdrive is exactly why life seems overwhelming. Let this article be a guide to slowing down and not feeling as if you’re running out of time.

Phone-free mornings

Don’t let your phone be the first thing you look at in a morning. Take an hour to yourself, or less, or whatever you like and let yourself wake up properly. The minute you look at your phone you’re flooded with videos and pictures of other people’s busy lives. Seeing people at the gym by 8am or working early and you’ve just woken up is one way a sense of rush is created.

Waking up early

This goes hand in hand with phone-free mornings. If you can wake up early then do so, I know it’s hard for people with full-time jobs but that’s why I encourage you to put your bloody phone away in the mornings. When you have dedicated time to waking up, you aren’t rushed into going to work straight away or smashing through your to-do list. You can enjoy your cuppa tea, read that book you keep meaning to or watch a bit of TV. Gratitude is also a really beautiful ritual I like to do in the mornings.

10 minute rule to cleaning

One of my favourite youtubers, LilyLikeCom, always talks about this in her morning / night routines. I always find cleaning overwhelming because theres just so much of it and for me, when my environment is a mess, it starts taking a toll on my mentality too. I feel more overwhelmed. The rule is simply set yourself a 10 minute timer. In those 10 minutes, clean. You can do this once in a morning, or at night, or both. It’s just a helpful little tip to keeping on top of things. Now I know having a countdown is like ‘ahhhh time pressure!! I feel more overwhelmed!!’ but the point is so you can feel focused and not think you have to spend hours cleaning. Nobody wants that.

Mindful eating…

Away from your phone!! When we’re multitasking eating, you’re more than likely rushing your food to get back to whatever it is you were doing or want to do. When you put your phone away and truly pay attention to eating, you can enjoy your food and respond better to what your body might be signalling.

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