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Coming Face to Face with Sexual Health at Hallam

Sheffield Hallam’s- Knit like your Nana society gives us help to recognize the true meaning of a safe sexual environment in an evening of education and advice. 

It is no news to anyone that 2021 saw a devastating rise in an already alarming rate of spiking in and around nightclubs across the UK, after the closure of all nightlife in the light of Coronavirus. A YouGov poll recently told us that a third of women and men in the UK have experienced a situation with either themselves or a friend where their drink had been tampered with. 

To raise awareness of the value and meaning of a safe sexual environment for both men and women, over 10 of Sheffield’s student society’s, including Knit like your Nana, Disney, and Pole have partnered up with leading student charity, Nightline to create an event for all genders and age groups to come and chat with fellow peers about how we can feel safe and supported without shame in the current climate. 

I spoke with the head of Knit like your Nana, who explained that in organizing this event “We particularly wanted to ensure that we appealed to a range of sexualities and genders at our event as we were worried that turn out would be predominately female. We were inspired by an event hosted by Gabby Willis during her time as woman’s rep, which hosted several workshops during international women’s day a few years ago”

“We had extensive meetings with our committee and found that we all share the belief that when things aren’t often spoken about, people tend to feel more uncomfortable and are subsequently less likely to speak out when something goes wrong.”

“ We wanted to provide a safe space for everyone of every sexuality and gender to talk about things like their sexual experiences and body confidence issues without judgement. As well as teaching them basic health things such as how to check their breasts or tackle toxic masculinity.”

Activity’s during the event included body positive drawing classes, jewelry making during debates, access to free sanitary products, a bake sale and lectures on how to receive help from student volunteers over at Nightline.

The use of events like this creates an opportunity for all genders and sexualities to be a community against the current issues we face as the UK has more freedom to enjoy nightclub life again. We should not stand in silence and instead celebrate and stand up as a team.If you have experienced any of the topics discussed in this article you can reach out to Nightline at www.Nightline.ac.uk to find your location details and talk to support.

Lauren O'Meara Sims
Lauren O'Meara Sims

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