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Best Student Friendly Vegetarian Places in Sheffield

Best Student Friendly Vegetarian Places in Sheffield

Nobody can argue that eating out as a vegetarian can be hard, and mission impossible as a vegan. Yet, Sheffield has a huge plant-based population and restaurant owners have pulled through to meet the growing demand, especially in the wake of Veganuary. Meaning, now there is an abundance of options. Even better, as a large portion of this group are skint students, lol me, most of them are super affordable. (Yay.)  To help you navigate this ever-growing list of restaurants, I’ve compiled a list of the most raved about (and purse friendly) places, so you can spend your money on only the best. You’ll never have to sob into a bowl of chips as you watch your mates smash a seven-course meal again, your welcome. 

Wagamama: 8/10 (basic but has a huge range)

I know this is a huge company and not Sheffield specific, but it wins point with me as its located in Meadowhall, making it easy to enjoy a quality meal with your meat-eating friends after a long day shopping. You won’t feel limited to a few choices either because half the menu is now plant based! Any mainstream restaurant that doesn’t just offer me chips or a cauliflower curry is a quality option in my eyes, also they offer a whopping 30% discount to students so you really can’t go wrong.

Pom kitchen: 7/10 (very pretty, not a huge menu)

Probably the most Instagramable place on this list if you’re into that (I’m looking at you vegans.) To match its cute décor Pom has an abundance of colourful and whacky drinks and a fun seasonal food menu all of which tastes great. The pink bagel really is worth the hype. It loses points for being super small (with no indoor seating) so you have to wait awkwardly on the road. Another problem is the staff were low key rude when I went, but they might have just been having an off day. Regardless it is definitely worth the visit, and I will 100% be going back to try the famous dough baby hot choc because the red velvet latte (pictured) was banging. 

Chakra Lounge: 10/10 (Amazing, I just wish it was open longer)

I love this place so much. Whilst not exclusively vegetarian like pom is, they still have loads of veggie options and because its authentic Indian food it still feels vaguely healthy, which I like. They also do loads of cool drinks (e.g. Turkish delight lattes) and beautifully presented snacks. My brownie came complete with rose petals! The atmosphere is lovely, and they leave books out to stop people eating alone feeling embarrassed.

Church – Temple of Fun: 9/10 (Great range and top aesthetics – small chance of a heart attack)

This place does not provide the same healthy vibes as Chakra Lounge; Church is all about greasy indulgence. It serves up ridiculously huge burgers, loaded fried and incredibly mac and cheese balls- all of which are completely vegan. (wowzers) It has loads of meat alternatives for when you’re really craving it, even really random ones like hoisin duck? Basically, the menu is every junk food lover’s dream. The restaurant itself is a huge warehouse that they’ve stuffed with fun Knick knacks, and it has loads of seating, including little gaming pods. It would make a really good date location. However, it also hosts loads of events from cute family film screenings to 18+ club nights so you wouldn’t feel out of place taking your best friend or 5-year-old cousin. 

Kommune: 8/10 good range, a little bit spenny

Kommune is great as a vegetarian as it has a million different vendors in one area, meaning both you and your friends can order something you actually want without one person having to compromise. Whilst it can be on the pricier side, each place usually has its own bundle offers. Also, fun fact it hosts pinkies scoop shop which is Pom kitchen’s little sister brand. 

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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