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Best bottomless brunches in Sheffield

I researched the bottomless Brunches in Sheffield, so you don’t have to. 

Bottomless Brunch, the very words get women of all ages giddy on the thought of unlimited prosecco and friendship. Yet its so easy to end up eating avocado on toast and drowning on your drinks in attempt to make the tiny time limit worth it. To make sure you have all the tools to make it as great as it should be, because it not cheap let’s be honest, I’ve made a pro and cons list. 

Starting with the most obvious Slug and Lettuce: £30pp

Pros: It operates in generous 2-hour slots, so ample amount of drinking time 

Cons: Quite expensive at £30 a person with a limited food menu. You can upgrade to a less brunchy type food (burgers etc) for £3 but as its already a more expensive one that just feels cheeky.

Overall verdict: Its not a bad option if you’re mainly going for drinks, I still have PTSD from the last time I went, but for the overall package I don’t think it’s the best option. Also, its extremely basic. 

Vodka Revolution: from £20pp

Pros: They serve bottomless brunch until later than everyone else which is great if you want to go out after or aren’t actually that keen on brunch. It’s the best on Sunday as they have 6pm slots! Even better they do student brunch on Thursday for £20pp. Also, they do have a decent food menu in general, but you can upgrade for £2.50, which I don’t mind as much because its cheaper anyway.  

Cons: The later on you go the more expensive it gets. You only get 90 mins (but tbf when I went they were constantly checking on your drinks)

Overall Verdict: I think it’s definitely worth the money and is one of the best options if you can go at off peak times.

Turtle Bay: from £31.50pp

Pros: Its 2-hour time slots. You can have any cocktail on the menu which is great because you normally have to pay to upgrade. It has good vegetarian options as well and they have big portions. A bonus is they have slots until 5pm.

Cons: The menu is fairly small. My main issue when I went was they ask you to get the same drinks and you have to have ten minutes between each drink.

Overall verdict: The entire experience is a 7/10. Its nice food and you will enjoy it but it could be better. The best thing about it is the cocktails.

Las Iguanas: from £29.50 pp

Las Iguanas: from £29.50pp

Pros: You get a starter and a main! They have a really good menu which includes loads of vegetarian options. Also, you can upgrade to bottomless cocktails for free from Wednesday to Sunday so it’s a student’s paradise. 

Cons: The standard drinks are only prosecco and corona.

Overall Verdict: If it wasn’t in Meadowhall it would be the best one hands down, if you can get over being dressed up and mortled in a shopping centre go for it.

Cabanas Tapas Bar: from £28.50pp

Pros: It’s a bit different to all the other ones, if you’re getting bored. Its really nice food 

Cons: It gets really expensive depending on the time (up to £46.60pp with deluxe drinks). You only get two tapas dishes which doesn’t seem enough to soak up the alcohol. Another issue is they only do it Friday -Sunday

Overall verdict: It’s a great option for a birthday or if your mum fancies trying a bottomless brunch but I probably wouldn’t suggest it otherwise. The actual place is lovely though so maybe just go for the normal menu 

Lost and Found: £29.95pp

Pros: Its located on eccy road so its in a prime spot if you want to carry on the classy day drinking after. It also has a mix of typical brunch dishes and some exciting mains (cornflake chicken?!) The actual place is nicely decorated so you will feel boujee. 

Cons: The drink selection is basic, think prosecco, Aperol spritz etc. A strange critique but it really annoys me that its £29.95 just round it up and stop trying to make us think its cheaper. 

Overall Verdict: Another good option but mainly if you’re feeling fancy rather than truly wanting value for money 

Craft and Dough: £25pp

Pros: The cheapest by far. Additionally, you can upgrade to bottomless gin for 5pp which is cracking. The food selection sounds nice. Also, they do three sittings on a Saturday with the last one being 3pm so it doesn’t finish super early.

Cons: The food is extremely breakfasty, and I think its weird you can’t have any pizza, seen as that’s what they are known for. 

Overall Verdict: I’d give it a go, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list. Another one to take your mum to. 

Choose wisely girls and guys. 

Lucy Jeffs
Lucy Jeffs

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