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5 Things you need in your capsule wardrobe, other than clothes

Everyone talks about the basics needed to start a capsule wardrobe and build endless outfits. But the basics are what makes outfits…basic. What about the small details that elevate your wardrobe while still being everyday go-tos:


whether that be baseball caps, berets or both. Invest in the colours you know you’ll wear. You religiously only wear neutrals? Buy browns, blacks and whites. You like big bright ass colours? Buy those!


nobody talks about tights. All you need in your wardrobe are a black pair, skin coloured pair and patterned. Owning a patterned pair can level up the mini skirt/tights combo instantly. 


whatever style you like, buy. All you need is a staple pair that you know are good quality and you can reach for every day. I like the classic, ever so obvious Air Force 1’s. However, the sage lows are my favourite. They’re chunkier and pointer. Converse are also a shout. 


it is so incredibly easy to look put together just by adding jewellery. Silver or gold is the way to go (respectfully, gold is the best). Grab yourself a pair of chunky hoops, bracelets and a couple of rings. My favourites are from Bohomoon. They’re good quality and affordable, especially when they have a £10 sale. 


a black pair, in any style you like, is the bare minimum for sunglasses. Wear them in your hair, on your face, on your shirt. Whatever it is, you will look effortless. 

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