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5 Female Artists to Add to Your Summer Playlists

5 Female Artists to Add to Your Summer Playlists

Female artists you might have missed, representing all types of genres and moods to set your playlists up for chill vibes this Summer 2022.  

We did it girls- the most dismal months of the year are behind us, and even though Sheffield continues to be grey and windy in its usual state, we do what we do best in the North: Suck it up and pretend. And what better way to enter the summer state of mind than to make a perfect playlist for getting ready before a beer garden session, sitting in the park with friends and a pack of raspberries, or having a quick nap on a deck chair in the garden. I’ve got you covered with some female artists, some new or old to the scene, to broaden your music taste for the hot (or cold) Summer months.  

Piri and Tommy Villiers  

After gaining recognition on TikTok for the very desirable ‘dreamy voiced’ vocals that have become popular through artists like PinkPanthress. Piri and Tommy and music duo from Manchester have used their sound to shape new wave club music by combining vocals with liquid drum and bass and garage type beats for a chill but up-beat listening. Songs such as Soft Spot and Beachin are perfect for those who like their dance music toned down for easy day time listening. 

Nia Archives 

With her unique sound combined with classic 90’s sounding jungle beats, Nia Archives is bringing drum and bass a fresh face. Her smart lyrics and mixture of heavy and lighter production makes her perfect for any mood when finding a tune to put on. This ever-growing artist has a massive festival line-up ahead of her including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, so if you’re after a dance, go check her out.  

Akemi Fox  

Akemi Fox is storming the R&B and neo soul scene with her lo-fi production and super distinct vocals. This Manchester based artist uses her clever lyrics with a mixture of nostalgic and newer type beats to produce stunning music for perfect down time when listening this summer. Her tracks ‘See you soon’ and ‘Lemon Tea’ are ones to check out for easy listening.  

FKA Twigs  

After storming 2014 with her album LP1, FKA Twigs made a name for herself through her trippy and dreamy type genre and style. She has continued to grow massively for her unique styling in both herself and her music. Her most recent album CAPRISONGS was released in January of this year and offers a different side to her musical abilities that we haven’t seen from her before. Massive features like The Weeknd, Shygirl and Jorja Smith join her in this new wave feeling album with a style for everybody to enjoy. 


This South London producer has had much success with beautiful, New Wave, R&B production. Her hit song Give It Up 2 Me from her 2020 album is one of many that show her beautiful, storytelling like lyrics and unique sound with easy listening beats. Her newest single ‘Alarming’ takes all her special aspects to a new level for a perfect sound of summer.  

Lauren O'Meara Sims
Lauren O'Meara Sims
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